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Notarization Services

Travel Consents

Travel Consents are required whenever one or both legal guardians, of a child or children 18 years old or younger, are not travelling with that child or children outside of Canada.

Contact our office to set your appointment to sign the Travel Consent in front of the notary. One Travel Consent can be used for more than one child if the children will be travelling together. Bring a prepared Travel Consent to your appointment.

Statutory Declarations

Contact our office to set your appointment to sign Statutory Declaration(s) in front of the notary. Bring prepared Statutory Declaration(s) to your appointment.

Certified Copies

You have the option of dropping off any original documents and ID that you need certified copies of. We will photocopy the originals at our office. Do not bring any photocopies with you.

We will call you when the originals and the certified copies are ready for you to pick up, which can typically be the same day that you drop them off.

Alternatively, you can set an appointment to bring in your originals, have them photocopied at our office, and have them certified by the notary while you wait.

Other Notarizations

Contact our office to set an appointment to have any of the following notarized: Oil Lease documents, Affidavits without exhibits, Affidavits with exhibits, Time Share documents, out-of-province real estate documents. Bring the documents with you to your appointment.

The following documents cannot be signed at our office:

  • Separation Agreement /¬†Minutes of Settlement;
  • any Last Wills and Testaments that have not been prepared by¬†our office;
  • any Powers of Attorney that have not been prepared by our office ‚Äď unless¬†you have been appointed as Attorney and the one appointing you has already had their¬†signature witnessed;
  • any Representation Agreements that have not been prepared by¬†our office.

What Is a Notarization?

Notarizing a document means that we verify the identity of the person signing the document, and we witness their signature to the document. This means that any documents you bring for us to notarize must be completed but not signed.

When we certify a copy of a document, it means that we certify that a copy we have made of a document is a true copy of the original. Therefore, we cannot certify copies made by others.

To have a document notarized, please bring two pieces of identification with you: One piece must be picture ID, such as a driver’s licence, Canadian firearms licence, First Nations status card, or Passport. The second can, but doesn‚Äôt need to, have your picture on it, for example, a birth certificate, SIN (Social Insurance Number) card, or Care Card. We cannot accept a Driver’s Licence as two pieces of identification, and we do not accept a credit card as identification.

When Is Something Not a Notarization?

We frequently have clients stopping by to have documents notarized that they have questions about. If you need information about the contents of the document you are signing, you will need to retain a lawyer as your legal counsel. We cannot answer any questions about the documents that you want to have notarized.

How We Set Our Fees for Notarial Services

Notarial fees are based on the average time it takes for a notary to examine identification and sign the appropriate documents. Whenever notarizing documents takes longer than the average, we charge a higher rate, as this takes the notary away from other work.

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Bring two pieces of current, government-issued ID with you to our office. (At least one with your picture on it)
Our office accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, bank card, cash, cheque. We do not accept payment by American Express.
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